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The-Growing Room: Counselling and Psychotherapy

Breathe. See. Grow.

Our mission

To enable access to support for young people and adults alike.

An integrative approach in a calm and safe therapeutic space
that values and prizes each individual.

I am a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist with experience in a range of contexts from a cancer care facility to high schools. Having taught in secondary schools previously, for over a decade, I work with clients aged 12 and over.

As a mother to two beautiful girls, I understand the challenges parenting can bring and combined with my teaching background, have a wealth of experience working with parents, school staff and young people.

Walk and Talk

Walk and Talk

The Growing Room can offer walk and talk therapy for local clients.

Ideal for:

– New mums
– Excercise enthusaists
– Nature enthusaists
– Dog owners
– Time management

Physical movement can support the therapeutic process as it stimulates both sides of the brain and supports our process

Talk to Us

07927 775 676

Inclusivity statement

Here at The growing room we value and prize all our clients.
We welcome everyone and will accommodate you as best we can.
Please ask if you would like to explore this in more depth.

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